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امتى أنا اشوفك يا كامل وصوفك
متى متى قليّ با تسمح ظروفك
انسى أسى الدنيا ساعة ما أشوفك
قليّ متى قليّ يا سيد المظاني ..

قليّ متى قليّ با تعطف وتاتي
يا طيف أحلامي وأحلى ذكرياتي
يازين احبك أكثر من حياتي
قليّ متى قليّ يا سيد المظاني ..

الطيف بعيونك مليته بنورك
والقلب دقاته تترقب حضورك
اصبحت أنا حاير من كثرت نفورك
قليّ متى قليّ يا سيد المظاني ..

أصون أنا عهدي وأنته وين عهدك
وحبي باقي مهما كان ودك
اهواك يا روحي في قربك وبعدك
قليّ متى قليّ يا سيد المظاني ..


No matter what happens

I remember a time when each day was long,
When the world was a playground and my life a song,
And I fluttered through years with barely a care,
Ignoring the future and what waited there.

School was intriguing and filled with delights.
I played away daytimes and dreamed away nights.
My parents assured me I had nothing to fear,
And that no matter what happened, they’d always be there.

Little I knew of a world outside home,
Where tragedy, sorrow and murder could roam.
All I saw were blue skies, rainbows and stars.
I looked past destruction of buildings and cars.

As a child, my biggest concern was just me;
I had to be happy, I had to be free.
And if I was content, I would not shed a tear,
And no matter what happened, I still would be here.

But as I grow up, darkness starts to set in;
My bright world has turned into concrete and tin.
I now see the violence I looked past before;
Friends start to die and my heart hits the floor.

Deadly diseases claim people I love,
There are landfills below me, pollution above.
I often think back to when life was a game.
But no matter what happens, it can’t be the same.

There are days when I just want to break down and howl,
To give up completely, to throw in the towel,
But I hold my head high and I push my way through.
I have too much to give and so much to do.

And I make a vow that, though it’ll be hard,
I’ll go on with a smile and play every card.
I’ll give all I can, help others and love.
No matter what happens, life will bloom again,
and the strength I don’t have will come from above.

So come, take my hand, and through darkness we will sail
If we all join together, we never can fail.
We’ll remember to care, remember to feel,
And no matter what happens, our world we will heal.

unknown Author

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